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Atlas Edge 401 Hybrid

Atlas Edge 401 Hybrid

Atlas Edge 401 Hybrid – Speed, Accuracy, and Simplicity at an Even Lower Cost: hjyy kluifroiefruyie ujfioe7ufiyeh fkuieof7u

The Atlas Edge 401 Hybrid features the speed and accuracy of the more expensive Atlas Bluetooth ® alignment machines in a system that uses cabled front heads and wireless rear heads. The Hybrid sensors are compatible with either the included standard four point wheel clamp that requires runout compensation or the optional 24″ non- runout FastClamp system.

The Atlas Edge 401 Hybrid is the perfect choice for the customer that wants the absolute most precise instrumentation in the Industry at a very competitive price. Check the features and prices of the Atlas Edge 401 Hybrid before you purchase a used Hunter ® alignment machine. We know that many of the Hunter ® representatives take trade-ins when they sell newer alignment machines. These older Hunter ® alignment machines are sold at about the same price as a new Atlas Edge 401 Hybrid wheel alignment machine.

Why invest your hard earned money in a used alignment machine that incorporates “old technology” and requires a long set-up time. Call us to find out more how easily (and inexpensively) get into the wheel alignment business with brand new equipment. The Atlas Edge 401 system comes complete with a color printer, 19 inch monitor, and keyboard.

Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative vehicle lifts can help your business.

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