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Atlas Fast Clamps

Atlas Fast Clamps

An accurate alignment begins with the wheel clamps mounted correctly to the wheel.

If the wheel clamps are not mounted properly, then the accuracy of the sensors is compromised. Precision accuracy is the result of the proper relationship between the reference point, the measuring sensors, and the software data. The patented FastClamp system assures the operator of the most accurate reference possible.

The Fast-Clamp fastens to the wheel by “gripping the tire”. There is no need for any type of “roll-back” procedure and zero runout is attained (IMMEDIATELY). Lipless wheels and dual wheel trucks are absolutely “no-problem”. The Fast-Clamp system is perfect for rims that are 13″ to 24″ in size.

You get two sets of “tire grabbers” to secure to a wide variety of tire sizes and you receive all the pins needed for special lipped wheels. The reason the fast clamp is a non runout is that it is so precision made that it induces no artificial runout into the circle. The standard 4-point on most aligner systems when tightened down flexes and creates a large amount of artificial runout that must be compensated for.

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