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AV1020 Series

AV1020 Series

The AV1020series EnviroLift® with patented AquaVantage™ Technology uses compressed air and tap water instead of electrical motors and hydraulic oil, making it the one and only realGREEN™ earth friendly product. With no high pressure cylinders, a fully contained recycled polymer cassette tub, fewer moving parts, and lifting mechanisms that are service accessible from the surface, you get a more productive inground lift service bay with an overall lower cost of ownership. And since these in ground lifts are powered by the air pressure you already have, there are no noisy, energy-consuming motors.

Runs on Air & Water
AquaVantage™ Book Awards and Accolades
Power Control Units Environmental Considerations
Service From Above Lower Cost of Ownership

From the first steps of manufacturing to the final assembly and installation to green sustainability, each AquaVantage™ inground lift is resurrected from the best design , materials and workmanship, resulting in a better bottom line. These inground lifts are precision manufactured, with each lift component being rigorously pressure tested.

Our inground car lifts are less expensive to install and maintain and feature ergonomic pneumatic lift power controls.

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