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TTC301 Heavy Duty

TTC301 Heavy Duty

New Heavy Duty Atlas TTC-301 truck tire changer. This Heavy Duty Atlas truck tire changer is designed and engineered to handle rim sizes from 3-3/8 inches to 27 inches and tire diameters in excess of 63 inches. The Atlas TTC-301 truck tire changer can easily accommodate tires with a maximum width of 30.5 inches.

This tire changer has been sold all over the world for the last several years and is the result of a joint venture between a very prestigious Italian wheel service manufacturer and the premier wheel service equipment manufacturer in Asia. The Atlas TTC 301 truck tire changer is the perfect choice for the large truck tire center that does high volume truck tire work on standard over the road wheel assemblies. Portable Control Unit: The portable control unit console allows the operator to safely monitor all tire changing operations from the correct angle.

Electric/Hydraulic Self-Centering Four Jaw Chuck: The Atlas TTC-301 truck tire changer features an electric/hydraulic operated self-centering four jaw chuck that can clamp from either the inside of the wheel or from the center bore of the wheel. Included Accessories: The Atlas TTC 301 also includes a special set of pliers for use with alloy rims and a full set of alloy rim protectors and plastic protective covers to prevent damage to decorative chrome rims. Bead Breaker And Mount/Demount Head: The bead breaker disc and the mount/demount head are combined into one quick change assembly to make the mounting and demounting procedures very easy.

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