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Atlas Edge 801 Heavy Duty

Atlas Edge 801 Heavy Duty

Atlas Edge 801 BlueTooth ® – Speed, Accuracy, and Cutting-Edge Technology in an Affordable Heavy Duty Truck Alignment System:

We have the most innovative large truck alignment system on the world market. It features Bluetooth wireless data transmission and is customized for all truck axle configurations – 2, 3, 4 and 5 axle configurations.

This system combines blazing speed, precision accuracy, and reliable Bluetooth ® wireless communication all at a very affordable cost. It is PC Driven using high quality PC components and managed by Windows XP Pro ®. The system prints detailed alignment reports and stores these reports on its hard drive for future retrieval. – Bluetooth ® wireless data transmission – 35″-50″ Non runout 3 point FastClamp wheel clamps. – Premium cabinetry with head charging. – Lightweight (8 lb.) sensor heads. – Printer, 19″ LCD display, keyboard. – Data filing stores millions of printouts. – Premium software including help images, trailer program, multi axles, busses and coaches, and light trucks.

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